Who should take HAM BrainBite 1: Introduction?

ITAM Academy recently released a number of Hardware Asset Management (HAM) BrainBites, ranging from Introduction through to End of Life and IT Asset Disposition. Sounds good right (well, I would say that…), but who is the HAM BrainBite 1: Introduction actually aimed at?

Hardware Asset Management has been long considered the “outcast” of the ITAM family, with organisations focusing more on the Software Asset Management or Software as a Service due to the complex nature of software licensing and threat of audits.

But, Hardware Asset Management has really come to the forefront of Senior IT Management and IT Asset Management stakeholders minds since the global pandemic as the sudden reliance on knowing where your Hardware Assets were located, whether they could be re-used and what residual value they held became an important part of the IT Asset Management strategy.

The ITAM Academy Hardware Asset Management BrainBite: 1 covers off all of the basics you need to know in order to start your Hardware Asset Management journey.

It explains what Hardware Asset Management is, key terms you need to know and how you can get started with HAM in your organisation. It’s a quick BrainBite to get you started on your HAM journey!

Therefore, the ITAM Academy BrainBite is aimed at anyone looking to refresh their HAM knowledge, or for those who have been “dumped” the HAM challenge on their desks and want to know what it is all about!

So, why delay? Take the course today at > https://learn.itamacademy.online/