We are passionate about all elements of IT Asset Management and Software Licensing and truly believe in the value ITAM can bring to any organisation. We strive to ensure that you manage your expensive IT Assets effectively and have a bespoke and best fit ITAM function or program for your organisation.

It is our belief that IT Asset Management needs to be relatable and accepted by your stakeholders and your end-users. ITAM can be complicated, which is why our unique approach makes the why understood and turns stakeholders into believing in the benefits and asking, “how can we help?”

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We offer several Software Asset Management (SAM) services including:

  • Full SAM implementation service.
  • Maturing existing SAM functions.
  • SAM Process creation and implementation.
  • SAM Process consultation and process mapping.
  • SAM data analysis and reporting.
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI) reviews.
  • Streamlining your software portfolio.
  • Managing software spend more effectively.
  • SAM strategy and road mapping.
  • SAM Education workshops for key stakeholders.
  • Helping you communicate your SAM program effectively.

Our services are scalable and customisable to your unique SAM/ ITAM requirements; so, whether a light-touch is needed, or a fully-fledged SAM Managed Service needs maintaining, SAM Beast Consulting is the right place to start.

Hardware & Mobile Asset Management (HAM/MAM)

In addition to our software services, if your focus is on the Hardware element of IT Asset Management then we can also support you with HAM.

  • Full Hardware/Mobile Asset Management implementation.
  • Inventory percentage assessment.
  • Maturing existing HAM practices.
  • HAM/MAM Process creation and implementation.
  • HAM/MAM Process consultation and process mapping.
  • HAM/MAM data analysis and reporting.
  • Hardware amnesties.
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI) reviews.
  • Hardware refresh support.
  • HAM/MAM strategy and road mapping.
  • CMDB / AMDB (Asset Management Database) data validation.
  • Optimisation hardware spend and identifying savings opportunities.
  • Hardware regulation support (such as disposal and data regulations).
  • Stock Management.


Organisations purchase IT Asset Management tools with the best intentions. But they often get installed and then left because it is quickly realised that they require a lot of effort to get working properly. We can help throw a lifeline to your existing ITAM technology, or help you find a new solution. With the SaaS market growing even bigger, you’ll have a unique set of requirements for ITAM technologies and we can help you find the right tool(s) for your organisation.

  • Provide an ITAM Tool readiness assessment.
  • Build and deliver a tailored business case for an ITAM tool.
  • Build and deliver a tailored ITAM Tool requirements matrix.
  • Provide assessments and guidance on the appropriate technologies for your organisation.
  • Support with your internal RFI / RFP process for an ITAM tool.
  • Build and deliver an implementation plan.
  • Build and deliver internal communication and education strategies for your new technology.
  • Build and deliver updated process, procedure and policy ITAM documentation to support the optimisation and adoption of your new ITAM tool.


Continuing the software theme, we can also provide support and guidance to ensure you are optimising your existing software licenses and SaaS (Software as a Service) instances. 

  • Effective License Positions (ELP) for Tier 1 vendors such as Microsoft, Adobe, SAP and Oracle.
  • ELPs for Tier 2 vendors such as Autodesk, Quest, MicroFocus, Veritas and many more.
  • Conduct full internal audits to identify non-compliance issues and identify cost savings opportunities.
  • Supporting you with your software renewals or re-negotiations.
  • Reviewing consumption of software and identifying more effective licensing models.
  • Building your approved software list and reducing the number of applications used.
  • Building a Definitive Software Library for a centralised and approved media library.
  • Software Licensing Health check.


Managing Cloud environments and spend has quickly climbed the list of an ITAM teams priority list. The old mantra of ‘Cloud Manages itself’ hasn’t proved true with organisations struggling to control and govern their Cloud instances. This results in unplanned and unwanted spend.

ITAM (and SAM Beast Consulting) can help manage your Cloud environment by:

  • Designing and implementing Cloud Governance and Cost Management processes.
  • Audit existing Cloud instances and spend to review cost saving opportunities.
  • Build Cloud strategy and roadmap to encourage innovation with controlled spend.
  • Identify opportunities for savings by moving physical hardware instances to the Cloud.
  • Getting your Joiners, Movers and Leavers function to work and play well with The Cloud.
  • Education workshops for key stakeholders to ensure best practice Cloud Management is known and in place.

General ITAM & Ad-Hoc Consultancy

We also offer general ITAM advice and consultancy services for those customers who require a bit of everything! If you can’t choose what your focus area is, then speak to us about your requirements and we can build a solution that works for you!

If you only need someone part-time, we can accommodate for that too! You may just want someone one or two days a week to help with a specific project or just to check that your ITAM function is heading in the right direction. 

Don’t hesitate to contact us regardless of your requirements. We’re passionate about ITAM and want you to see the value it can bring your organisation.