Founded in 2018, SAM Beast Consulting Ltd is an IT Asset Management consultancy company. Our award-winning Founder and Principal Consultant, David Foxen, has over 10 years of experience and in this time has helped customers implement and mature successful ITAM functions. As a result of this work, clients have been able to achieve millions of pounds in cash savings (hardware, software, mobile and Cloud) and tens of millions of pounds in cost avoidance through the optimisation of existing IT Assets, internal auditing, contract re-negotiations and optimising Cloud spend.

SAM Beast Consulting offers a number of different services that can easily be tailored to meet our customers’ requirements. Whether your focus is on the software side of ITAM, purely rectifying a software licensing issue you’ve identified with a specific vendor, or if you solely need a Hardware Asset Management service – we have a bespoke approach for you.

We are passionate about all elements of IT Asset Management and Software Licensing and truly believe in the value ITAM can bring to any organisation. We strive to ensure that you manage your expensive IT Assets effectively and help to find the perfect ITAM function or program for your organisation.

ITAM can be complicated, which is why it is our belief that IT Asset Management needs to be relatable and accepted by your stakeholders and end-users. Our unique approach gives you the tools to understand the why and help encourage stakeholders to believe in the many benefits on offer and even ask, “how can we help?”

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So, if optimising your IT Assets, saving money and improving the service you offer your users could benefit your business, this is your chance to take your ITAM function to the next level.